DATE 2016.09.28
Hello! From LUNCH LADY

私が「LUNCH LADY」を始めたわけ


はじめまして、こんにちは。オーストラリアで発行している雑誌「LUNCH LADY Magazine」のエディターをしているケイトです。今回から「MilK JAPON WEB」でダイアリーの連載が始まります。どうぞよろしく!

Hello there! My name is Kate and I am the editor of Lunch Lady Magazine here in Australia, I’m so excited to be here on the MilK JAPON WEB with you guys.

雑誌「LUNCH LADY Magazine」は、2011年8月に私のブログとしてまずスタートしました。私がブログを始めたのは、長女が学校で私の手作りのお弁当をからかわれたことがきっかけでした。そのお弁当は別に奇をてらったものではなく、シンプルなホームベイクのパンとおやつ。娘に「他の子と同じようなランチがいい?※」と訊くと、彼女はそれはいやだと答えたんです。他の子は自分のようなお弁当を持って行けなくて残念だし、自分はこれからも自分の好きな「うちのお弁当」を学校に持って行く、と。

Lunch Lady Magazine started its life as blog in August 2011, after my big kid was bullied for the lunches I sent her to school with. The lunches weren’t anything crazy, just simple home baked bread and treats. I asked her if she’d like me to make lunches more like what the other kids ate at school, she wouldn’t have it. She thought they were missing out, and continued taking her much loved lunches to school with her.
I was proud of her, but I wanted to support her in some way, as I knew nothing was going to change for her at school. We decided to start the blog together, so we could share our story and the food we love making together.


Late one night I pressed publish on our first post and I went to bed. Early the next day my inbox was full of supportive and loving emails and our post had been shared all over Facebook. I couldn’t wipe the smile from Maya’s face, she was so touched by the kind words from total strangers from the other side of the world. I may have cried a little, it really was beautiful. That morning Maya headed to school with a new energy, a huge smile and an orange and almond muffin.

ある夜、時差ぼけで午前3時に目が覚めた時、ブログ「LUNCH LADY」を雑誌にするということを思いつきました。そして「We Print Nice Things」という会社のルウとララからメールをもらったのは、その1週間後。私のブログ「LUNCH LADY」を印刷版として作ることに興味はあるか、というメールでした。まさに夢を叶えるメールでした。

それから3年。今ちょうど「LUNCH LADY Magazine」の4号目を世に送り出したところです。私たち家族の生活はすっかり変わりました。忙しくててんてこ舞いではありますが、娘たちと一緒に過ごす時間が増え、娘たちも一緒に雑誌作りを楽しんでいます。
これから「MilK JAPON WEB」の読者のみなさんにそんな私の日々のことをお届けするのを楽しみにしています。



Two years after starting the blog I was finding it hard to juggle everything in my life. Being a single mum makes working, looking after kids and a blog extra difficult to juggle. I was also working three to four jobs at a time to make ends meet. It was tiring, both mentally and physically and I hardly had any time to spend with my two girls. I was desperate to find a way to make my life simpler and easier.
At 3am I woke, jetragged, and with an idea to turn Lunch Lady into a magazine.
A week later I received an email from Lou and Lara, of We Print Nice Things, asking if I was interested in making a print version of my Lunch Lady blog. It was an email dreams are made of.

Three years later we have just launched issue four of Lunch Lady Magazine.
Our lives have changed dramatically. Even though it isn’t any less hectic, we now spend more time together and they love being involved in the magazine.
Being with my girls is so important to me. They’re my buddies. Showing them the world, how to love and to how to cook, for themselves and for the people they’ll share their lives with, is the best I can do. And having the opportunity to share that with others is an amazing thing!
I am looking forward to sharing my life and stories with you all.

Kate x

※本記事は、旧サイト「MilK JAPON WEB」に掲載された記事です。MilK JAPON WEBは、2020年4月に「Fasu(ファス)」として生まれ変わりました。詳しくはこちら